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Sat Jun 5 8:00 PM

Arc Cinema
General Admission
106 Mins
2019 | DCP | Finland | D: Miia Tervo

Aurora (Mimosa Willamo) is a perpetually single, hard-partying nail technician who dreams of leaving town and never coming back. Her unrepentant alcoholism and recent eviction from her home make that goal financially difficult.

Darian (Amir Escandari) is an Iranian refugee new to Finnish Lapland who will do anything for his young daughter.

When the two randomly meet late one night at a hot-dog kiosk, she rejects his sudden, desperate marriage proposal but responds with an offer: if Darian supplies 3,000 Euros, she'll help him find a wife so he and his daughter can achieve asylum.

Aurora is a cross-cultural romantic drama about commitment – to family, country and matrimony – that offers a surprisingly funny view of a very complicated situation.

‘It poignantly addresses some big themes – including the plight of asylum seekers and female alcoholism – while capturing the feelings of restlessness derived from being stuck in a remote place with a lack of opportunity’ – Variety 

Finnish with English subtitles ​​​

Arc Cinema

1 McCoy Circuit Acton, Australian Capital Territory, 2601