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Fri 26 Nov 6:00 PM

Arc Cinema
Allocated Seating
114 Mins
1993 | DCP | Australia | D: Rolf de Heer  

Confined to a two-room slum for his whole life, Bubby (Nicholas Hope) knows only of the existence of himself and his mother (Claire Benito), a religious freak who shares the bath, and her bed, with her son. But when Bubby's long-lost father (Ralph Cotterill) returns home, the jealous Bubby is driven to head out into the world.  
Bubby is abused and exploited by everyone from feminists to police, prison inmates to animal lovers, and even the Salvation Army. Armed only with the few phrases he's learnt from his mother, he has a tough entry into an inhospitable world. But others soon warm to this innocent idiot savant, and Bubby starts to find his place in the world.  
An international art-house hit that won multiple prizes at the Venice Film Festival, Rolf de Heer’s Bad Boy Bubby is a dark and quirky cult comedy masterpiece.  
New 2K restoration 
Provocative in content, and stylistically daring and inventive … Nicholas Hope gives a brave and sometimes astonishing performance’ – Variety  

Arc Cinema

1 McCoy Circuit Acton, Australian Capital Territory, 2601