Frederick Wiseman Season
Sun Oct 23 1:00 PM

Arc Cinema
Allocated Seating
All Ages
275 Mins
2020 | DCP | USA | D: Frederick Wiseman

In this epic film, Wiseman continues his lifelong project to observe the myriad activities of America’s institutions – at a time when public faith in them seems to be waning.  

Between autumn 2018 and winter 2019, Wiseman embedded in his hometown and observed city hall’s day-to-day operations. Tasks range from dealing with parking infringements to stray dogs; community events to waterfront developments; law enforcement to policy making. The most visible face of the government is Mayor Martin J. Walsh, a former construction worker and union leader. Walsh is a friend to the environment and champion of human rights. His administration’s policies are strikingly at odds with then-President Trump – making the film particularly heartening. With his trademark observational style captures democracy in action and documents an organisation striving to do the right thing against difficult odds.  

‘This is both one of the best movies of the year and one of the most complete and compelling observations of the inner workings of city government, regardless of medium, that I have ever experienced.’ –   

‘A reminder that government, for all of its speed bumps and snags, can work. It can help. The people running it just have to want it to.’ – Jason Bailey, The Playlist  

Arc Cinema

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