Danger’s Where The Money Is!  (危いことなら銭になる)
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Danger’s Where The Money Is! (危いことなら銭になる)

Sun 1 Oct 11:00 AM

Arc Cinema
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Unclassified 15+
82 Mins
Sun 1 Oct

1962 | 35MM | Kō Nakahira
(Contains strong visual violence and moderate gore, mild themes, mild coarse language, erotic dancing and verbal reference to sex)

Hoping to counterfeit billions in one hot night of pursuit, three petty criminals will need more than their wits to outsmart the big boss and his ring of armed thugs – for instance, a fistful of the formidable lady Tomoko! Soon everyone is fighting over Japan’s best counterfeiter, trailed hysterically by his senile cash-savvy wife. In a hilarious series of twists and east-meets-west humour, Nakahira delivers the money in style… but to whom?

 Starring the infamous king of crime cinema Joe Shishido, Danger’s Where The Money Is! presents an outstanding example of Nakahira’s directorial versatility. With notable international influence, the film perfectly merges western criminal archetypes and slapstick action with a distinct Japanese comedic flavour. Showcasing a true master of timing, this energetic film indulges an outrageous cacophony of cultural collisions that screech to a halt with Nakahira’s signature rapid and seamless delivery.

Japanese with English subtitles

©1962 Nikkatsu
Sun 1 Oct

Arc Cinema

1 McCoy Circuit Acton, Australian Capital Territory, 2601