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Saturday Morning Cartoons
Sat Apr 3 10:30 AM

Arc Cinema
General Admission
95 Mins
2011| DCP | USA | D: Tim Hill

Beneath Easter Island, in a giant factory that manufactures the world's Easter candy, the popular rabbit (voiced by Hugh Laurie) is preparing to pass the mantle to his son, EB (voiced by Russell Brand).

But EB would rather be a rock’n’roll drummer. He runs away to Los Angeles, where he meets an unemployed slacker named Fred (James Marsden).

Back on Easter Island, an oversized chick (voiced by Hank Azaria) is plotting to take over from the Easter Bunny - or will EB learn what it takes to grow up in time to save the day?

‘The film is bright and breezy and the animation is first-rate’ – David Stratton, At the Movies

Arc Cinema

1 McCoy Circuit Acton, Australian Capital Territory, 2601