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Fri Jan 21 7:00 PM

Arc Cinema
Allocated Seating
88 Mins
1979|DCP|Australia|D: George Miller  

In a not-too-distant dystopian future, when man's most precious resource  oil  has been depleted and the world plunged into war, famine and financial chaos, the last vestiges of the law in Australia attempt to restrain a vicious biker gang.  
Max (Mel Gibson), an officer with the Main Force Patrol, launches a personal vendetta against the gang when his wife (Joanne Samuel) and son are hunted down and murdered, leaving him with nothing but his instincts for survival and retribution. 
It's hard to overstate the influence of Mad Max – on filmmakers, action cinema and the course of Australian movies. Made for a paltry AUD$380,000 by George Miller in 1979, the independently funded film for a time held the Guinness World Record for the highest box-office-to-budget ratio of any motion picture.  
Miller’s feature directorial debut started the franchise of Mad Max films which continues to this day, over 40 years later 
Mad Max is the exciting original that got the whole series rolling’ – Austin Chronicle 
This title is held in the NFSA collection. 
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Arc Cinema

1 McCoy Circuit Acton, Australian Capital Territory, 2601