SAT 4 MAY | 5PM | Arc Cinema |$16/$12 (double feature: $25/$20) 
1979| M | 116 mins | DCP | US | D: Ridley Scott

ALIENS (35mm)

SAT 4 MAY | 8PM | Arc Cinema |$16/$12 (double feature: $25/$20) 
1986| M | 136 mins | 35mm | US | D: James Cameron

Add charcuterie board and beverage* +$45pp

In Ridley Scott’s influential sci-fi horror, the crew of a commercial spacecraft are terrorised by a parasitic alien after investigating a mysterious distress call from a seemingly uninhabited moon. Widely considered to be among the greatest science-fiction and horror films ever made, Alien took out the Oscar for Best Visual Effects and introduced Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), now a favourite cinematic action hero.

‘…a great original… dark and frightening intensity’ – Roger Ebert

Meanwhile, James Cameron trades horror for sci-fi action adventure in the critically acclaimed sequel, in which Ripley joins a team of highly trained marines to wage war against aliens who have overrun the LV-426 space colony.

‘…a sci-fi war movie that gets you in its grip very early, and never lets go’ – The Washington Post

Alien (1979) is held in the NFSA collection. Aliens (1986) is presented on 35mm film prints from the NFSA collection. 

*Pre-order a charcuterie board and beverage with your cinema tickets to enjoy in the NFSA Courtyard between screenings. Gluten-free (+$5), vegan, and vegetarian options available.

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